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How to speak to an Uruguayan

Buena obsevación de nuestro peculiar estilo de hablar.

Having lived in uruguay for a period of time (six months),I have encounterd many
native words that in a matter of seconds can transform even the ugliest of tourists
into a welcome and honored guest. But before introducing these secrets of Uruguayan communiction, it is essential to first master The Three Nevers of Conversation with an Uruguayan. Never ask, " And what part of Paraguay do you live in ? " Always say. "OH , yes,
Uruguay; the country of 3.2 million Spanish speaking people located on the Atlantic
cost of South America ... south of Brazil and north of Argentina - Across the Rio de la Plata
from Buenos Aires - granted independence with the of national hero Generl Aritigas in 1822"
Never say, " I am an American." Uruguayans are Americans too! Say , " I am a North
American ." Now , with the basics , how can the door be opened ? By using the same key words that the Uruguayans will use. A sampling :
EhhhHHH??!! : Covers a multitude of meanings : "Pardon me ?" " Excuse me ?" , or " I do
not understand... could you please repeat what you just said ? " Something needs clarification. Usually this word is shriller ear -piercingly . Do not be shy ; do the same.
Ta : " OK' , " Yeah " , or "UH-uh. " Perhaps the most secret of all Uruguayan words, ta is short for esta bien. Uruguayans eyebrows will surely be raised by your use of the word ta ( pronunced "da" ) Opa : "Wow ! " " Gee!" , "Oops! ", or " Hurrah!" . The second most secret word next to ta. Opa! may be thrown into any conversation as long as it is followd by an exclamation point. Claro , seguro and cierto : " Of course, sure, certain." Use these words to prove knowledge of words other than ta.
Si-si-si-si-si-si-si : "Yes-yes-yes-yes-yes-yes-yes-yes." When something is really , really
understood. (Said exactly seven times, diminishing in volume and pitch with each successive si.) Que -QUE! : "What -WHAT! " When something is really not understood. Emphasis is always placed on the second que. Suerte : " Luck " Used when parting company instead of hasta luego or ciao. A real attention-grabber, suerte shows a full grasp of the local economic situation and what each Uruguayan wants the most.
Bien...Bueno... : " Fine ... well..." After finally starting a conversation, you may have trouble
getting the Uruguayan to stop talking. Withou being the least bit offensive - when the invasion of Panama rally needs to be discussed , but that plane just has to be caught - just slip a bien...
bueno...into the conversation and you are outta there ! Uruguayan Q & A
Q. What country was host for first World Cup in 1930?
A. The world's most popular sporting event - held every four years and seen on television
by than 2 billion people - was born in Uruguay . Who was the first champion? Why , Uruguay , of course.
Q. What country won the World Cup in 1950 , the last time (before 1990 ) that the United States participated ?
A. The country that stunned favorite Brazil in front of 200,000 samba - dazed Cariocas in Rio
de Janeiro was none other than Uruguay . Any Uruguayan , even those who weren't even born then, can still provide the details of the exciting final moments of the 2-1 triumph.
By Steven F. Shundich : Special to the Sun-Sentinel

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